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.: FSU and New Demo


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The video page has been updated to include a few videos I did this past year. The Demo Reel also has been updated to include bits and pieces from some of my latest work.

.: Update

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behr garage coating 1 part epoxy clear coat for sale With the school season starting to wind down, I am going to be updating the site with new content from this past year at Florida State. I did finally fix the alignment issue in my video page so hopefully now the page should look correct in every browser.

.: Content

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So I am finally uploading more content to the video section and may add some more photos this week. As of today the "We Bleed Maroon" by Granger Smith music video is up and I will have the other videos up this week.

.: Tweaks

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mcnicol 4.19.08

I made some minor changes to the site which includes a few photos, adding my resume and other small changes. Over the next couple weeks I should be adding a lot more content, especially video projects I have done

.: Demo


I have uploaded my demo reel on the video page. This is a compilation of videos, shooting and graphics I have done, compiled into one video.

.: Welcome


Welcome to my new website. I will adding more content when possible. So the site is a work in progress. Feel free to email feedback and ideas.









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